A Response to WhatIfAltHist’s Manifesto. Part 1: the Deconstruction

Going through this video on what he thinks is required for a new ideology to take hold and have the future be less bleak, he summarizes it as people requiring the aspects of honour, freedom, and truth restored. Throughout the video, he mentions how society is falling into decadence, unable to respond to any form of pressure surrounding it as the thing that made the society great is what is killing it. He also mentions how the “left” enables this destruction by tearing down greatness to pass it around, through taxes and shaming, whilst trying to abdicate responsibility but maintain power.

He states that the individual, rather than the group needs to be elevated, weakening societal structures so better competition can arrive.

Finally, he summarizes with a call to have people act more honourably, and pursue freedom and the truth, lest we lose society to degeneracy, lies and/or tyranny due to society becoming weak, bored, tired and overall “done”.

Overall, the idea seems to paint the picture of a strong individual that drives history, focussing on famous people history, rather than a systemic approach. Stalin was not able to achieve what he did by himself, he had people that believed in him, and his ideas, but they must have believed too, otherwise they would have written him off as a nut case and offed him.

Rather, what he seems to be calling for is the complete dismantlement of society, to return back to a struggling system to achieve the goals of bypassing decadence, rather than offering a path forward that allows for growth and a more nuanced approach to unification of humanity. Letting “the left” just suddenly disappear is not going to happen, and letting free market capitalism reign is a recipe for disaster as the values instilled in the hearts of the population is that of consumption and increasing money, rather than increasing good, honour, freedom or truth.

He states these as the things to do to achieve the new system, rather than seeing them as the metrics that may be used to weigh a system.

The metrics he chooses also show a lean towards rampant individualism in the order selected. He dedicates a very large part of the video to truth, yet places truth as the third most important statistic to measure in society. With the amount of focus on this subject, it should have been higher, if not primary. Superman’s three aspects are “Truth, Justice and the American Way” placing the truth above all else. Instead WhatIfAltHist’s video places honour first, which is a very individualistic trait, and is defined uniquely per person, as it is standing for what is right. This video does not provide a core statement of what is right, which if followed blindly just leads to more dissolution of the group he is trying to unite.

The selection of being able to choose what is right, the freedom to choose it, and the respect for there being absolute truths is what he states, but again, offers a hyper individualistic view with no cooperation involved. This ideology may have worked when there were vast open plains to settle but not good for our current population levels.

Overall, his statements, whilst seemingly profound offer little new in the definition of the American Way, focussing again on the core hyper individualism that while made the expansion of the USA possible, do not work in a world where there is nowhere to move to that is empty. If anything, by following the concept of honour, freedom and truth, one ends up exactly where we are now in 250 years, as this is a call to reset the USA back to its founding, rather than a call for anything new.


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