Burdened to Seek What's Possible

This post has been a long time coming, and is the core foundation to what this site is about. It will probably be long, unedited, and tough to read for most  people. If you want to see more about robot cats, cubes or mods, stay tuned, more of that is to come.

The tagline of this website is "burdened to seek what's possible". This is not just some random quote pulled off of online by some famous dead guy. I spent time coming up with my why. From a very interesting video that describes both corporate and personal identity, they can be described as either what, how, why or why, how, what. In the first case, identity is weak, usually focused around one specific topic or idea, how it is done, and why that task is done. If you invert it, a very deep identity is created and allows for pivotal ideas that don't break identity to exist. For example, microsoft is an example of the former, they make software, by throwing lots of people at it, to make money, while apple (even though they do some really terrible stuff and are overhyped to the extreme) is an example of the latter. They Think Different, to promote innovation, and just so happen to make electronics.

For YottaRock Industries, which is an extension of me personally, I wanted to put myself visible. After much reflection, I came to the conclusion that I am. I am burdened to seek what's possible. Not just in science, robotics, discovery, or technology, but in religion, philosophy, and science and the intersections and codependence of all three. I have been working up the courage to write this article for over a week now, but it has finally come to pass. 

Most people I talk to are not even content with who they are and what they do. most just live to work so they can work more. Housing is at an all time high while immigration is highest in decades. People are starving while a few live in luxury. Others are living worse than peasants and are glad they are not on the street. The entire system is broken. Greed and inflation are at an all time high, politicians are openly corrupt, and down south is looking at installing a Hitleresque dictator to rule for the rest of his miserable life, and resetting all liberal policies back to 1910 coalminers in the name of the allmighty. The allmighty dollar that is. 

People don't have hope, nothing to believe in, and no desire to achieve more. Me, I am burdened to seek what's possible. I took systems and solutions as a class, which is the beginning of control theory. I see a problem and I have to try. 

The posts in this topic are this very idea. I may not be a politician, a preacher, a scientist, or a philosopher, but I must try. If you do comment, do note that I will be reading them, and flat out hatred will not be tolerated. This is to be actual discussion. 

The world is dying, and the people driving the train off the cliff think adding more coal to the engine will make it work better. We need to go through an entire civilizational change, economically, physically, emotionally, logically, spiritually if humanity is to survive. The rules of the last 50 years will not apply or even be sensical in the next 10.

That's all for this one. Economics, religion, philosophy, will all fall in this category unless there is a very good reason to split them. As far as I can see, they all are different views of the same thing: what is the value of a group of humans with respect to another, and to who/whatever created everything. I am Christian, from the United Church of Canada, so some things I state will melt brains on both the traditional left and right politics, as the denomination is left leaning Jesus based.


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