EZGPS A Better Way to Navigate Space

EZGPS is a mod I made for Space Engineers, an open world sandbox videogame set in the near future of scifi technology. This mod was built to allow for easy creation, deletion, manipulation, and sharing of in game GPS points so the k menu does not need to be used all the time, allowing for more game, and less navigating.

This mod was originally made by Wrenn, but they have since left it, and I took it over. I have added many features to it, which there is documentation for on the steam workshop page.

This mod, like all mods in Space Engineers (SE), is written in C sharp. The main function behind it is a massive case block that reads user input, and then splits it up based on desired action and content. The other major component is that it allows sharing gps points en mass based on the faction with the appropriate command, and is smart enough to not send the same gps twice. 

This mod accelerates gps sharing, removes the accidental pasting of a gps point to global chat, and has a fairly robust tag based filter system embedded to improve sorting and visibility.

The only function that is retired is Range, as it is computationally expensive to run, and is completely removed in the server version of this mod.


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