OpenWorld: An Economic System


Based around freely giving information and resources and centre around love for all and final judge of God with salvation through Jesus Christ

Kill bargaining by having the exchange be meaningless.  Nothing can be taken if freely given

Based around concept that ideas cannot be owned, only created or destroyed. They can be passed and either improved or broken, but never exchanged. One does not trade info, as trading states there is ownership. It is not collective ownership but collective lack of ownership.

An idea is created, shared and acted upon. By discussing the idea, demand is made.  More demand causes more people to make it, also creating more demand. The idea thus spreads, and is improved automatically.

Rather than competition, collaboration ensues. Splinter groups form, but creation is done from a position of love for the project rather than hate for the other or drive to smear the others.

Heavy industry ends up the same way. Desire to share and exchange info and resources. Those that like it will work it, if not liked but required, work is done to make it work or work without it. Hate mining salt? Make an automated system to do it, or seawater evaporation.  By-product is freshwater.

Anyone trying to hoard an idea has a fatal flaw. Copying is allowed. By sharing ideas to convince others it needs results in enough known to solve a problem. Someone else that posts, generates and solves and clones will soon have more following than hoarder would have in the first place.

Governing system would need overhaul as most are based on possession. How do you govern people that do what they want? All that is required is a sense that there is no other, and no one should be forced to another's will.

No one is above another. Laws would regard mainly interpersonal actions

Would need all basic needs met to succeed. Food, water, shelter. Longest time, people made towns and villages without stupid levels of planning, and the rigidity and hierarchy is what causes problems. Make a completely distributed system that has no master organizer but the value of good instilled and it should work.


The main system now is corruption and power based, and anything touching it would also fall to it until whatever else is bigger and swallows it instead. Free sharing of knowledge and wisdom can and will do this. People become directly responsible for flushing power grabbers and militants as their power comes from the ability to subdue. Invading or attacking to control something loses meaning when control means nothing. Owning a thing means nothing if you cannot work the thing, therefore the conqueror only ends up being a loud screaming child saying it is theirs because they said so. Attacking to conquer what? Nothing is controlled but by those that make it directly, and they are so dependent on each other that no one part is greater.

Even if a tyrant gets control, the fact that the info is freely available means that someone else can make it and as they are not stuck "paying" the tyrant, theirs is "cheaper" as "profit" is an inefficiency.

Pretty much just need an info distributor that is a cross between GitHub, YouTube and thingyverse but no ads or paywall and amazing search. Makers have power but see reliance on the entire network, and everyone is a maker at heart. No one only takes, as everyone gets bored eventually. People have a drive to make, build and share, that is the new system.

Conflicting information creates actual debate, as these would be passionate people in their fields holding a discussion who have no superior to answer to or line to toe. There is nothing but their interest, passing and info with backing info to support or persuade.

Management dies, and the master apprentice system lives. Knowledge kept, shared, preserved and iterated.

Infinite pay it forward, and once it has a self-sufficient set, remains self-sufficient and expanding.


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