Ramblings on Corporations vs Governmental Structures

A government’s purpose is to supply a service to the people for the people they serve. A corporation’s purpose is to exchange monetary value up front for a good or service in a system allowing for competitive iteration. Once the iteration dies or amalgamation results in little or no competition, the corporation needs either to be cut apart into competing companies or obtained by the government to become a service. 

Governmental services are to be run through both taxes and fees paid for use. This is mainly to prevent system cuts due to low profitability and to prevent price gouging by monopolistic holds on critical infrastructure. (Single train lines, roads, pipelines, ports owned by 1 company). 

See mail, mass transit, roads, etc. Companies, driven by profit, do not care about maintenance, but maintenance is the only reason they make profit. If their business is the only one, the government would have to bail them out and fix what was neglected anyway so the government should take over operating as the corporation proved it could not be bothered to take care of it already. 

For more honesty between consumers and companies, there needs to be truth in marketing. Anything that needs an asterisk requires the asterisk and contents thereof to be in fonts equal or greater in size to that of ingredient lists. If it cannot be factually backed up with accessible published research paper, it cannot be used. Use patents to protect your materials, not secrecy which may cause harm. This openness also leads to further innovation as changes can be more easily made. 

Associated with any physical good is an end of life cost, which is assigned to the manufacturer to pay. Incentivizes reusability, recyclability and reparability, as lifespan and ease of disposal are incorporated. Consumer cost to dispose of is nothing, as it is paid for by the company as part of their ability to sell things. These costs are on the product manufacturer. The Styrofoam clamshell maker pays for the Styrofoam disposal, not the restaurant using them as takeout containers. The increased cost of the clamshell due to disposal makes a more balanced all encompassing cost comparison for the restaurant to see.

Ingredients are to be in either IUPAC or default standard names for clarity. Not five names for coconut oil, but either coconut oil, or chemistry name.

Political debates and campaigns must not be about defamation or misconstrued facts. More ads and greater resources must be dedicated to stating what one does rather than attacking the others. Debate is to resemble what debate meant originally.

News is to be presented in a balanced and factual manner. If there are no facts for the polar opposite opinion, then the opposite cannot be presented as such. The news for science-based material is to reflect the overall current consensus of the scientific fields. For example, climate denier 1 person, 999 scientists from across all related disciplines. 
Governments can be trusted more than corporations due to them being responsible to the people still. To boost this, a career politician in one field must not be a possibility. This will reduce grafting and corruption. 

Censorship ceases needing to exist, as factual backup is needed. No backup, it goes. 

Schools, rather than being a daycare obsessed with Trivial Pursuit, need to focus back on rhetoric and argument structuring, along with logic and reason, but still maintain artistic expression. Rather than ticking checkboxes, prompt a desire to learn, read and explore. Why and why not are the two most useful tools. I said so is the least useful response.


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