Sox Has a Head

Sox now has a head! It does not look much like one, but it holds the ears, eyes, and mouth. For sox, it will eventually need to securely hold the eye lights and the laser, but now Sox's scale is set and eye positions are fixed. The rest of Sox will be built relative to the head. 

The main challenge of building the head was the eyelids though. The head is quite cramped and does not even connect to the neck yet, but I needed to connect 2 servos to the eyelids with minimal space and without interfering with the eye cameras. This was accomplished by placing a small slit in between the eyes so the 2 levers can pass through and raise/lower the eyelids. The servos are mounted behind the eyes on the back of the mount.

I also managed to reprogram the hardware section to now have an eyelid class, so that, eyes.close, eyes.sleep and eyes.blink are all a valid command without having to set angles manually.

Sox's ears still work, although their code is untouched and will need to be rolled into another class to handle asynchronous listening.

Currently, I am working on Sox's neck joint, which is a stepper motor, with a infrared sensor for a home position, so Sox can turn his head twice, just like in the movie! I am using a planetary gear box that I printed to step down the rotation angle from over 720 degrees to less than 360 so the beam break sensor code does not need to count rotations since start, it will just work, allowing even for manual turning of Sox's head and not breaking anything.


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