The Pointless Banking Class and Co-op Replacement

The banking class now runs the entire world. These are people that do little to no real work, they do not make, but just purely consume. They are the modern equivalent of the aristocracy where they have all the power and money and do absolutely nothing. They got rich off backing schemes and promoting Ponzi schemes and hold the most power today.

These are the owners of corporations, and their yes-men that run the company at the CEO and executive level. If the person can only talk about assets and not what the company actually makes, they are in this category. They are a drain on the system as they are the ones that take money for themselves from a semi functional system, and dump stupid ideas on the layers below, under the name guidance, but there is no feedback up the system without repercussions, both good and ill. Best case you curry favour enough and join them, worst you are fired for telling them their idea is stupid.

Almost all corporations put out parts of their company to be purchased to give them money, these are called shares. The people with shares are called shareholders, and whoever has the most controls a fraction of the company. These people have no clue how any of the company works, with the standard idea of “just throw money at it, but not too much” being their modus operandi. These people often sell and buy massive chunks of companies in cycles, preying on the Ponzi scheme of the stock market to extract nonexistent value from speculation. The actual value to society does not change, but the apparent value does and that is what is measured on the stock exchanges.

This system is dying. The parasitical class is expanding in a last ditch effort to drain the corporations they feed off dry, while the corporations are trying to squeeze the last bit of growth they can in the face of a dying planet and worldwide peaking population. Due to the climate crisis, planetary stability is faltering, with the poorest countries going to be impacted the most. However, this is ignored because that would involve spending money, and you cannot do that, even if it is long-term growth, that is not allowed. Only quick short-term speculation is good, as these people do not plan a year out, let alone 100. They plan to bug out at the first sign of trouble (see bunkers of New Zealand).

These people are also responsible for large donations and ad campaigns to keep business as usual. They are the ones that pay bribes to congressmen in the USA and set up fake grassroots movements to support ongoing sameness, as that is where their money is coming from. If burning oil was declared illegal, many of these people would lose all of their power and money. It affects all real commodities though, from the press to the train.

What needs to happen is that this parasitic class needs to be removed. The least bloody way is to kill corporate ownership, as in no more stocks. You cannot make money on the stock market, just off real work. Each corporation becomes a co-op, where each person actually working in the company owns a fraction based on their job, and has a say in the operations of their section and can voice feedback in a democratic open circle of peers and leader. No more dictatorial bosses, as that is what got us into this mess. These leaders can then meet and have a democratic resolution of larger problems, etc. unless there is a problem that affects all members of staff, at which point a referendum style vote is to be held.

All money made by the company is to be split based on democratically approved tiers of work. A leader will be granted a pay increase by their new subordinates, not the other way around. If the leader’s work is not up to task, the subordinates can vote in a new leader. This system would need to be given some form of ranking system so it is not just a popularity contest though.

Using this method, the people that make stuff happen are the ones that decide whether they need more or less people, work longer or shorter hours, and own the company and care about its success. I think this is the idea behind a co-op but I am unsure.

If you leave a company, then the peers can decide to give you a benefit for leaving or not, it is up to them.

Government would have to change in this system as well, but only slightly. Corporate income is people income, so only taxing corporations make sense now, and have it be some fixed amount the same way that sales tax is today. (5% of any income for example)

With this money, they would be tasked with keeping the people safe between and during jobs. UBI/basic food/house program and health should be covered, but still allow bigger through work and achievement. You will not go on the street, or starve, but if you want a mansion and 20 pounds of chocolate, you will have to pay for that.

This would massively restructure the role of the state to being from making corporate loopholes today to actually help people like they were supposed to in the first place.

Some entities should become part of the state itself, and these include transportation systems (roads, rail lines), as well as regulation of quality as people will still cheap out on things no matter what.

By focussing on people, the state would also focus on the environment in which they live, creating a more sustainable system. By having corporations run by their own workers, care for work and the area they work in becomes a focus, safety and maintenance become a focus rather than an expense as the people running the machine are able to stop it.


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